Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF 0.75 litre

  • Volume : 0.75 litre
  • Ability to apply by spray method
  • Non-cover
  • Has hydrophobic properties
  • Resistant to moisture and water
  • Resistant to abrasion and scratches
  • UV resistant
  • Inhibit the growth of fungi and algae
  • Resistant to vegetable and mineral oils
  •  Ready to use

Features :

Behsan’s Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF are one-component products based on acrylic resins.

Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF have a very good coverage due to having special bonds. Also, having properties such as resistance to impact and scratch, water, oils, detergents and chemicals, has caused polyurethane products to find a special place in the industry of painting wood, furniture, doors, chairs, tables, etc.

Due to the desired transparency, color stability, high mechanical resistance and abrasion, nano sofa paint can be used as the final coating and wood protection for indoor environments.

One of the prominent features of this product is its hydrophobicity and water resistance.

Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF paints have very high adhesion, flexibility and durability on wood and MDF surfaces.

Painting with Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF is affordable and easy due to the high coverage and has the ability to receive re-coating well. So that there is no restriction on applying several layers on top of each other (observing the standard time interval).

Behsan’s Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF paint is compatible with all weather conditions in Iran.

Surface preparation :

Clean the surface from any dirt, grease and moisture.

If you are going to paint old and stained wood, you need to remove the peeled old paints from the  wood surface to create smooth and even surface.

If it is necessary to remove old paints use rough sand paper. If the paint on the wood is hard and durable, you can use an eraser paint (such as: Bajak eraser paint) to remove old paint.

How to apply Behsan’s nano sofa paint :

All equipment should be cleaned with a washing thinner before use.

Among the tools required in the implementation of nano sofa paint, rollers and pistols can be mentioned , which according to the individual’s painting skills, the quality of the final paint varies. The most common painting tool for sofa colors is the pistol.

If you intend to use the pistol for painting with nano-sofa paint, you can use the bowl pistol with an output of 1.6 to 1.8 mm, or the lower bowl pistol with an output of 1.6 to 1.8 mm with a pressure of 3 to 4 bars.

Each coloring pulse should be applied in parallel. So that each pulse covers 50% of the painted surface at the right angle.

Angles, sharp edges, rivets and uneven parts should be re-coated to ensure the desired thickness.

Practical tips in using Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF :

  1. The use of cellulose coatings as a substrate is not suitable for applying nano sofa paint surface. Of course, it should be noted that on the contrary, it is possible to use cellulose paints, but it is not cost-effective.
  2. It is preferable to use coloring inks or water-based shapan instead of gasoline and oil paints to create a better color on the work surface.
  3. The minimum temperature for using nano sofa paint is 15 degrees Celsius, otherwise the surface required for painting must be placed in a warm and suitable space 2 hours before application.
  4. Due to the sensitivity of the paint can to air humidity, it should always be kept in the main containers and in the closed, and the lid of the can should be open or semi-closed, as well as avoid exposure to heat and direct light.
  5. Behsan nano sofa coatings are a suitable and even better alternative for semi-polyester coatings.
  6.  Before use, stir the paint can completely to make it uniform. Avoid shaking the can, as this will cause multiple bubbles in the product.
  7. In order to create the appropriate thickness of the layer on the surface, the paint should be applied in several different layers with appropriate time intervals (especially for vertical surfaces).

Drying time :

The drying time of Nano waterproof paint for Furniture and MDF depends on air flow, ambient temperature, humidity, thickness and number of layers. The average drying time of surface, depth and final is as follows :

  • Surface drying time is 3 hours.
  • Deep drying time 24 hours.
  • The final dry time is 5 days, which means that the painted product is completely dry and usable after 24 hours.

Maintenance :

  • Store indoors away from direct sunlight.
  • Store at 5-35 ° C
  • The product has a shelf life of one year

 : safety tips

This coating is flammable and should be kept away from flames and heat.

The performer is also obliged to study and observe the product conditions, when using paint, be sure to use a suitable mask and safety gloves.

Perform well-ventilated environments.


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