BEHSAN Paint Company begins his activity in various field of coating industries, includes Nano paint production. Using up to date knowledge in manufacturing of different Nano coatings as well as products development are the most important targets of BEHSAN Paint Company

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Behsan Paint products are manufactured with Nano and up to date technology which not only have foreign products properties, but also by using Nanotechnology have superior characteristics lead to increasing the durability and stability of paint on different surfaces.

Our Thermowood Nano paint has 2 years guaranties and if performed by Behsan paint group or our authorized agencies, we make this commitment to our customers that the paint has high durability for two years.

Our products have different performance guides according to costumers order. Behsan paint can perform by brush, pistol, rollers and cleaning tissue textile. Performance guide is printed on our packaged products.

Our products have ISO 80004 and INSO 21145 certificate standards and also have Nano scale certificate from Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council. Furthermore, our products have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 product quality standard. Behsan Nano paint has technical confirmation from Iranian scientific centers such as Atomic Energy Organization, Paint Institute and Razi Metallurgy Group.

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